Site Is In Full Effect

WOOOOO!!! If I could yell it out so the whole world could hear me I would. The page is now UP AND RUNNING and in FULL EFFECT. Put a player in there so you can hear all our music. It'll start playing as soon as the page starts but it can always be stopped. I've spent about 2 full days on this website to try and make it as easy to manage and fun and tried to perfect it to the T. I guess as the days progress we will have more content on there for you guys. REMEMBER: keep checking back here for some new material. We usually try to put something out at least every Tuesday, so we're gonna have to come up with a name for that special day. LOL!!! Because it sure is special. I hope you guys can feel the excitement that I am feeling right now. I think it's radiating off of my skin! If not, I send some love and good energy your way. Once again thanks fans for keeping us alive. :D

By: Idania