The Committee's Mixtape: The Next Chapter

Wsup ya'll! This is Idania getting everyone up to date on everything going on with us. Yesterday afternoon we decided to put out a The Committee mixtape, we named it "The Next Chapter". It was a lot of work but it's finally here none-the-less....There were so many tracks to chose from but we picked the best of the best for ya and we combined them into this 14-track, certified classic, very-long-awaited-for compilation. With a very laid-back type of mood, we express ourselves using our favorite form: music. There's no greater feeling then after a year's hard work we finally get to let you into our little world so you can feel us and be on our level. Haha oh boy did we go through a lot to get this out for ya. The team spent countless hours deciding the track list, mixing down this project, and picking out the best album cover to only find out the next day it needed a little bit more work, which turned into EIGHT hours of steadfast non-stop work to perfect it. Can't forget, of course, getting stuck under a pouring rainstorm on our way to the studio. What can more can I say? It was a day full of adventure, excitement, anxiousness, and definitely pure DEDICATION to give our fans something we've been wanting to for a very long time. Thursday, December 08, 2011 marks the beginning of hopefully a long list of more projects to come. Hope you all enjoy our art, and come back to hear some more! As the site loads its self you'll be able to hear what we put together.

Here's the track list for The Next Chapter:

  1. High Rise 
  2. Think Of Me Now 
  3. The Basics
  4. Why Try
  5. Memories
  6. The Last Take
  7. Didn't Know
  8. Top Low
  9. Only You
  10. Some Of It Was Real
  11. Aftermath 
  12. Come On
  13. Closer
  14. Low Key

You can find the album for download on a couple different sites. I will post them up here a.s.a.p.
Meanwhile here is the Sound Cloud link: